Do you ever walk into someone’s home and feel like they’ve nailed the decorating? Often the rooms wouldn’t even be considered on-trend or chic. And a lot of the time, the pieces aren’t even new or designer. Here are some quirky decorating ideas you can rock at your own place to make different pockets feel personal, unique and left-of-centre. So let’s dive right into showing you how it’s done

Theme your Entryway

Consider a particular theme for your entryway and then bring together all the items that fit into it. The photo above is coastal with a twist, and boy does it look amazing. This post has more ideas on how to make your entryway shine, but the key takeaway here is to put your entryway on the map!

Choose Imposing Storage Solutions

Whether it’s shoes by a door or a place to store kids toys, make sure you choose storage boxes or baskets that team with your theme at home. Not just plastic tubs or shoe racks hidden away in cupboards. Too many people hide everything away when they don’t need to. Wicker baskets like the ones above are a fave of mine.

A Bold Runner

Why not pop down a runner? It’ll give this zone some textural warmth. And if you choose a runner with a pattern through it, it can be the stylistic jumping off point for additional artworks hung nearby above an entry table. A moroccan runner with a Moroccan mirror could work wonders too.

Display the things you use Daily

A bike on a wall gets my heart racing. And if you take a look at the image above you can see just how stylish it can look mounted like that. Also notice how helmets and hats don’t look out of place either. The moral of the story is that you don’t need to hide your everyday stuff. Find a cute way to display it instead.

Experiment with Floral

Flowers in a vase… that’s so 1998! Why not take them out, cut the stems off, and pop the blooming buds in a shallow vintage glass or similar? The photo above is the perfect illustration of florals done differently. And hey, if you’re terrible at keeping florals alive or want something long-lasting, try some fake varieties like these ones.

Rock a Feature Wall

The feature wall is not over, seriously. If you’re feeling especially brave, why not give wallpaper a go?

Cluster Artworks Together

A gallery wall makes my heart sing. I love it when all of the pieces work side by side. I know, sometimes gallery walls can end up looking like a dog’s brekkie, but they don’t have to be. You just need to keep a few key guidelines in mind. I’ve explained it all in this post if you need some help.

Embrace Multiple Mirrors

If a gallery wall isn’t your thing, why not adopt a different approach and cover an entire wall in mirrors? It would work wonders in a small space to give the sense of more light and room. And the added bonus is that you can see how good you look at multiple angles every single day.

An unexpected Side Table

It’s a really nice idea to grab one that’s second hand, or looks like it originated from another country. It’ll give your room some depth and some history.

Put a Table Behind your Sofa

So many sofas are pushed up against a wall, but I adore the idea of configuring your living room in such a way that the sofa back is exposed. This allows you to bring in a streamline table to run along the back of the sofa and display all of your favourite things on.

Mix up your Dining Room Chairs

If you feel like your dining room is feeling a little stuffy, why not consider mixing the dining chairs up a bit so they don’t all match perfectly? Considering a bench seat like the one in the image above is a good place to start. If you end up not loving it, you can move it to a living room or hallway. Everyone wins.

Display your Dorky Memories

I think far too many homes these days hide all of the memories and keepsakes that make them so interesting. You want to talk into a home and have a sense of who lives there. So let’s all take the necessary step of finding ways to showcase our photos, notes and other dorky memorabilia. I think it’s crucial

12 Quirky Decorating Ideas you should try

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